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    Un Mundo de Amigos is an innovative model project of EDUCATE, a 501c3.  With four years of exemplary successes and over 700 graduates, UMDA provides the highest quality in Pre K programming and teacher qualifications, free of charge.  In addition, UMDA has developed successful parent partnership programs to provide long term developmental support to students and families.

    Below is a list of our affiliates:

    Long Beach Early Childhood Education Committee

    Beach Cities Association for Education of Young Children

    Long Beach Early Childhood Education Committee rests on ensuring that all children in Long Beach grow up healthy, safe and educated by:

    • Increasing the quality of and accessibility to affordable early childhood education services;
    • Expanding early childhood education resources to meet the needs of families; and
    • Increasing public awareness of the future economic, social, and educational impact of early childhood education.

    Lindsey Evans is on the board of the Long Beach Early Childhood Education Committee.  She actively participates on the Enhancing Quality sub-committee which focuses on providing a wide range of professional development workshops to ECE providers and practitioners in the City of Long Beach.  These workshops will build the professionalism of the ECE workforce, thus enhancing the quality of ECE services.  Workshop topics include but are not limited to behavior management, special needs, kindergarten preparedness, outdoor activities, early literacy and early numeracy.

    County of Los Angeles Child Care Planning Committee

    Un Mundo De Amigos Child Care Planning Committee
    The mission of the Child Care Planning Committee (Planning Committee) is to engage parents, child care providers, allied organizations, community, and public agencies in collaborative planning efforts to improve the overall child care infrastructure of the County of Los Angeles, including the quality and continuity, affordability, and accessibility of child care and development services for all families.

    Beach Cities Association for the Education of Young Children

    Beach Cities Association for Education of Young Children
    Beach Cities-Association for the Education of Young Children is a professional organization of early childhood educators. Our mission is to provide leadership and mentoring opportunities as well as other resources for persons mainly interested in the field of early childhood education. We advocate for systems of education and care that provide developmentally and culturally appropriate environments, supporting better outcomes for young children and their families. We also act as change agents in advocating equitable compensation and training for those who work as early childhood educators. Lindsey Evans, Director of Un Mundo de Amigos is the current BCAEYC President.

    Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles

    Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles
    The Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles (CDCLA) was created by early childhood educators and established as a nonprofit corporation in 1978. They provide direct early care and education services, consulting services to corporations and other child development programs, and parent education.

    Early Education Action League

    Early Educaiton Action League
    The vision of EEAL is to advocate for positive social change in the field of early childhood education with the intention of producing and promoting equity and equality for young people and their families. They are a professional organization of educators with a mission to advocate for positive social change in the field of early childhood ed.

    Best Start Long Beach

    First 5 LA Best Start Long Beach
    The Central Long Beach community has a long history of working together to impact the services and resources available to residents. The area has been described as having a “culture of collaboration,” and the participation of multiple sectors is actively promoted. The diversity and extensiveness of the Central Long Beach community’s leadership has the potential to be a model.

    Long Beach Chamber of Commerce

    Chamber of Commerce Long Beach
    Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce is serving our community since 1891. On the ‘Tech Coast’, Long Beach is a main player in the Southern California economy, plus the gateway to the Pacific Rim. Commerce and industry have thrived here with skilled, well-educated employees who are now the driving force behind technology centers, aerospace, trade, sophisticated logistics, transportation, engineering, telecommunications, health care, and peripherals.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission at Un Mundo de Amigos Preschool is to develop active thinkers in a balanced learning environment that inspires children of diverse backgrounds to fulfill their unlimited potential, through a focused program and partnerships with parents and community leaders.

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