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    In order to see if UMDA Preschool is the right choice for your family, we require parents to attend an orientation and school tour.

    School tours and orientations can be scheduled by calling the main office, or simply request one here. Once you have attended the orientation, and if space is available, you will begin the enrollment process.  During the enrollment process the following information below will be needed:

    parent forms

    Following information will be needed:

    • Parent’s Questionnaire

    This is a history of your child’s development such as prenatal care, labor and delivery, when he/she sat up, walked, was toilet trained, etc.  This background information is helpful because it gives the staff a better understanding of your child.

    • Other forms

    Copies of birth certificate, immunization record, TB Test, address verification and parents Identification cards.

    • Licensing Required Forms

    These forms contain all the information needed in case your child becomes ill at school or if an emergency arises.  We ask that you provide two additional names and telephone numbers, besides your own, in the event you cannot be reached.  Please contact these people to inform them that they are your child’s emergency contacts.

    • Documentation needed to verify income

    • Verification of Public Assistance
    • Last 4 paycheck stubs
    • Any other documentation related to income received

    All enrollment forms must be submitted before your child can be accepted into the school!

    Un Mundo de Amigos Preschool is open to any resident of LA County

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  • Our Mission

    Our Mission at Un Mundo de Amigos Preschool is to develop active thinkers in a balanced learning environment that inspires children of diverse backgrounds to fulfill their unlimited potential, through a focused program and partnerships with parents and community leaders.

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